Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A2 Students - tunes

Below are all the tunes that I played to you today (apart from one). What I would urge you to do is go out of your comfort zone with choosing the tune that you'll be making a music video to. Listen to the tracks thinking about genre, narrative, performance, and conceptualisation.

Hope that you are finding this an exciting prospect!

Track 1 (mp3)

Track 2 (mp3)

Track 3 (mp3)

Track 4 (mp3)

Track 5 (mp3)

Track 6 (mp3)

Track 7 (mp3)

Track 8 (mp3)

Track 9 (mp3)

Track 10 (mp3)

Track 11 (mp3)

Track 12 (mp3)

Track 13 (mp3)

Track 14 (mp3)

Track 15 (mp3)

Track 16 (mp3)

Track 17 (mp3)

Track 18 (mp3)

Track 19 (mp3)

Track 20 (mp3)

Track 21 (mp3)

Track 22 (mp3)

Track 23 (mp3)

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